ISSN 1300-0578
Volume : 29 Issue : 1 Year : 2021
Journal of Anesthesia Journal of Anesthesia - JARSS: 29 (1)
Volume: 29  Issue: 1 - 2021

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2.Advisory Board

Pages II - IV

3.Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Practices in Adult Patients with Diagnosed or Suspected COVID-19 Disease
Şule Akın, Handan Birbiçer, Nurcan Doruk, Gönül Tezcan Keleş, Sule Ozbilgin
doi: 10.5222/jarss.2021.59354  Pages 1 - 8 (44 accesses)

4.Comparison of Clinical Performance of Supraglottic Airway Devices in Elderly Patients: A Prospective Randomized Trial
Reyhan Polat, Sibel Çatalca, Julide Ergil, İlkay Baran, Aylin Tamam, Yağmur Polat
doi: 10.5222/jarss.2021.27147  Pages 9 - 17 (48 accesses)

5.Retrospective Analysis of Factors Affecting Postoperative Mortality and Morbidity in Liver Transplantation Surgery
Ahmet Atlas, Faik Tatlı, Evren Büyükfırat, Mahmut Alp Karahan
doi: 10.5222/jarss.2021.88597  Pages 18 - 24 (46 accesses)

6.Evaluation of Anesthetists' Fear Levels and Prophylaxis Practices in the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic
Seyda Efsun Ozgunay, Figen Akca, Derya Karasu, Sermin Eminoglu, Mehmet Gamlı
doi: 10.5222/jarss.2021.40412  Pages 25 - 31 (40 accesses)

7.Ultrasound-guided infraclavicular axillary vein cannulation: - is it a good alternative to internal jugular vein in pediatric cardiac surgery?
Ibrahim Ibrahim Abd Elbaser, Nabil Abdelraouf Abdelmageed, Mohamed El-morsy
doi: 10.5222/jarss.2021.00922  Pages 32 - 39 (44 accesses)

8.Evaluation of Anaesthesia and Anaesthesiologist Related Knowledge and Anxiety Levels of Patients Admitted to the Anaesthesia Outpatient Clinic: An Example of Town State Hospital
Selda Kayaaltı
doi: 10.5222/jarss.2021.65002  Pages 40 - 51 (49 accesses)

9.The Effect of Ultrasound Guided Superficial Cervical Plexus Block on Postoperative Opioid Consumption in Patients Undergoing Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion Surgery: A Prospective, Randomized Controlled Study
İrem Ates, Erkan Cem Celik, Ufuk Demir, Muhammed Enes Aydin, Ali Ahiskalioglu
doi: 10.5222/jarss.2021.15238  Pages 52 - 57 (42 accesses)

10.Factors Affecting Oculocardiac Reflex Incidence In Pediatric Strabismus Surgery: Retrospective Study
Bengü Gülhan Aydın, Gamze Küçükosman, Özcan Pişkin, Bahar Aktaş, Rahşan Dilek Okyay, Silay Canturk Ugurbas, Hilal Ayoglu
doi: 10.5222/jarss.2021.29484  Pages 58 - 64 (41 accesses)

11.Perioperative Complications And Concomitant Diseases Of Patients Followed In Intensive Care Unit After Cleft Lip-Palate Surgery
Murat Tümer, Ayşe Ayyıldız, Başak Akça, Aysun Ankay Yılbaş, Filiz Üzümcügil, Özgür Canbay
doi: 10.5222/jarss.2021.85856  Pages 65 - 70 (44 accesses)

12.Low Dose Combined Spinal-Epidural Anesthesia: An Anesthesia Technique for Cesarean Section in a Patient Suffering from Congenitally Corrected Transposition of Great Arteries and Severe Pulmonary Stenosis
Dhruv Jain, Kaushal Kumar, Abhishek Singh, Jyotsna Punj
doi: 10.5222/jarss.2021.22448  Pages 71 - 75 (38 accesses)

13.Ultrasound-Guided Stellate Ganglion Block to Treat Accidental Injection of Propofol in an Anomalous Radial Artery
Sana Yasmin Hussain, Arijit Sardar, Dhruv Jain, Lokesh Kashyap
doi: 10.5222/jarss.2021.29290  Pages 76 - 79 (39 accesses)

14.Use of Point of Care Ultrasound for Real-Time Confirmation of Cranial Spread of Local Anesthetic for On-Table Extubation in a Child with Mediastinal Mass Compressing the Great Vessels
Marada Snehitha, Nishant Patel, Abhishek Singh, Rakesh Kumar
doi: 10.5222/jarss.2021.09815  Pages 80 - 82 (40 accesses)
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